The Mother Long Gone

A precious life was ebbing away

Ageing, exhausted from past burdens she bore

Yet strangely content, with peace and calm

She had made up her mind to go.


Her life had had pains and joys

But the outcome what she wanted to see

Her job done, it was time to leave

Leaving a heart broken family.


Years have passed, her absence deeply felt

Her presence gone, but memories choke

A bit of regret, a lot of sorrow

Oh God! why did she have to go.


If only I had wiped her tired sweat

Helped ease the burden she bore

Shown gratitude for giving me life

If only I’d pampered and indulged her more.


Tears well up with a single thought of her

Dreams continue, echoes of her voice engross

All that remains is a heart full of sorrow

And the immeasurable sense of loss.


A mother continues in spirit for eternity

And I turn to her for comfort and solace

With smiling faces that she always wanted to see

The three of us continue, emulating her calm and grace.