Of Religion, Rituals and Spirituality

Our fears make us search for omens and assurances

And look for answers that reinforce our hopes.

We seek the comfort of something to grasp

And unleash our insecurities manifold.


Shackled as we are with blind faith and baseless beliefs

Seasoned by dogmatic rituals throughout,

Reason and rationale not often taught to children

Religion meant to make us spiritually devout.


We must not question but blindly follow,

Never spurn or doubt staunch beliefs

The wrath of Gods acts like a sword

That can finish human life beneath.


Blind faith and frantic prayers become a way of life

Chanting divine names while practicing evil ways

Forgetting goodness and its desperate need

to improve our lives till the end of our days.


The mind gets knotted and begins to rot,

Causing stress and illness that causes grief

Clearing the mind to make it pure

Peace and calm are the needed cure.


Meditation and mindfulness seem to appeal

To silently introspect and look deep within

To clear and cleanse deep rooted woes

remove the burdens and free us from sin.


The path is tough and not for all to follow

Secluded silence a tumultuous pain

Fear of facing inner demons deters

Emotional bonds chain and constrain.